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  • Moroni:Chapter 1- Moroni's desolate state — He writes, hoping for the welfare of the Lamanites.
  • Moroni:Chapter 2- Concerning the bestowal of the Holy Ghost by the Nephite twelve.
  • Moroni:Chapter 3- Concerning the ordination of priests and teachers.
  • Moroni:Chapter 4- Mode of administering the sacramental bread.
  • Moroni:Chapter 5- Mode of administering the sacramental wine.
  • Moroni:Chapter 6- Conditions and mode of baptism — Church discipline.
  • Moroni:Chapter 7- Moroni presents Mormon's teachings on faith, hope, and charity.
  • Moroni:Chapter 8- Mormon's epistle to Moroni — Little children have no need of repentance or baptism.
  • Moroni:Chapter 9- The second epistle of Mormon to his son, Moroni. — Atrocities committed by Lamanites and Nephites — A Father's last and affectionate admonition.
  • Moroni:Chapter 10- Moroni's farewell to the Lamanites — Conditions on which individual testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon may be obtained — Moroni seals up the record of his people.