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  • Mormon:Chapter 1- Ammaron's charge to Mormon respecting the sacred engravings — War and wickedness — The three Nephite disciples depart — Mormon restrained from preaching — Predictions of Abinadi and Samuel the Lamanite fulfilled.
  • Mormon:Chapter 2- Mormon leads the Nephite armies — More of the Gadianton robbers — By treaty the land northward is given to the Nephites, and the land southward to the Lamanites.
  • Mormon:Chapter 3- Nephites continue in wickedness — Mormon refuses to be their military leader — His address to future generations — The twelve to judge the house of Israel.
  • Mormon:Chapter 4- Nephites begin a war of revenge upon Lamanites — Nephites no longer prevail — The sacred record taken from the hill Shim.
  • Mormon:Chapter 5- Mormon relents and again leads Nephites — Lamanites outnumber Nephites — Crime and carnage — Mormon's abridgment of the records.
  • Mormon:Chapter 6- The hill Cumorah and its records — The final struggle between the two nations — Lamanites victorious — Twenty-four Nephites survive.
  • Mormon:Chapter 7- Mormon affirms to Lamanites that they are of Israel — Admonishes them for their salvation.
  • Mormon:Chapter 8- Moroni finishes his father's record — After the carnage of Cumorah — Mormon among the slain — Lamanites and robbers possess the land — Mormon's record to come out of the earth — Conditions and calamities of latter days depicted.
  • Mormon:Chapter 9- Moroni's address to unbelievers — His testimony concerning the Christ — The Nephite language known as reformed Egyptian.