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  • Jacob:Chapter 1- Nephites and Lamanites — Death of Nephi, son of Lehi — Hardness of heart and wicked practices.
  • Jacob:Chapter 2- Jacob's denunciation of unchastity and other sins — Plurality of wives forbidden because of iniquity.
  • Jacob:Chapter 3- Jacob's denunciation continued — Lamanites more righteous than Nephites — The former commended for fidelity in marriage — The latter again warned.
  • Jacob:Chapter 4- Jacob's teachings continued — The law of Moses among the Nephites pointing them to Christ — His rejection by the Jews forseen.
  • Jacob:Chapter 5- Jacob quotes the prophet Zenos — Allegory of the tame and wild olive-tree — Israel and the Gentiles.
  • Jacob:Chapter 6- Jacob expounds the allegory of the olive-tree — The pruning of the vineyard.
  • Jacob:Chapter 7- Sherem, denying the Christ, demands a sign and is stricken — He confesses his sins and dies — A reformation begins — Hatred of Lamanites for Nephites — Jacob gives the plates to his son Enos.