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  • Helaman:Chapter 1- Pahoran's sons contend for the judgment-seat — Pahoran the second is murdered by Kishkumen — Coriantumr, Nephite dissenter — Zarahemla captured and retaken.
  • Helaman:Chapter 2- Helaman the second is appointed chief judge — Kishkumen killed — Secret combinations — The Gadianton robbers.
  • Helaman:Chapter 3- More migrations to the north — A land of large waters — Buildings of cement — Many records kept — Helaman's son, Nephi, succeeds him.
  • Helaman:Chapter 4- Lamanites again invade land of Zarahemla — The city captured — Nephites driven into the land Bountiful — Moronihah fortifies the way — Weakened by wickedness, the Nephites prevail not.
  • Helaman:Chapter 5- Nephi yields the judgment-seat to Cezoram — With his brother Lehi he devotes himself to the ministry — Marvelous Manifestations — Converted Lamanites restore conquered Nephite lands.
  • Helaman:Chapter 6- Lamanites send missionaries to Nephites — Peace and freedom abound — The land Lehi and the land Mulek — Cezoram and his son murdered — Gadianton robbers seize government.
  • Helaman:Chapter 7- The Prophecy of Nephi, the Son of Helaman. — God threatens the people of Nephi that he will visit them in his anger, to their utter destruction except they repent of their wickedness. God smiteth the people of Nephi with pestilence; they repent and turn unto him. Samuel, a Lamanite, prophesies unto the Nephites. Comprising chapters 7 to 16 inclusive.
  • Helaman:Chapter 8- Nephite's address continued — Corrupt judges vainly endeavor to incite people against him — By inspiration he announces the murder of the chief judge.
  • Helaman:Chapter 9- Nephi's word verified — Chief judge found dead at the judgment-seat — Nephi and five others accused — Their innocence established — The murderer made known.
  • Helaman:Chapter 10- Nephi is comforted by the Lord with promise of great power — He preaches repentance and warns the wicked of impending judgments.
  • Helaman:Chapter 11- A great famine — The people turn to the Lord and are again prospered — Dissension and strife follow — The Gadianton band revived.
  • Helaman:Chapter 12- Human frailty and the goodness and power of God — Blessed are the penitent — Men to be judge according to their works.
  • Helaman:Chapter 13- The prophecy of Samuel, the Lamanite, to the Nephites. Comprising chapters 13 to 15 inclusive.
  • Helaman:Chapter 14- Samuel the Lamanite predicts the Christ — The sign of Christ's birth to be given in five years — Sign of his death also foretold.
  • Helaman:Chapter 15- Samuel the Lamanite continues his warning words — A remnant of his people to be preserved — Nephites to be utterly destroyed unless they repent.
  • Helaman:Chapter 16- Some of the Nephites join the church of Christ — The majority reject Samuel's testimony — They attempt to assault and bind him — He escapes and returns to his own country — Nephi's further ministry — Skepticism abounds.