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  • Ether:Chapter 1- The prophet Ether's genealogy — The great tower — Jared and his brother — Their language not confounded — Preparing for migration as directed by the Lord.
  • Ether:Chapter 2- In the valley of Nimrod — Deseret, the honey bee — the Lord again talks with the brother of Jared — Divine decree concerning the land of promise — the place Moriancumer — Barges built.
  • Ether:Chapter 3- The finger of the Lord — Jesus Christ shows himself in the spirit to the brother of Jared — The luminous stones — The interpreters — A record yet to come.
  • Ether:Chapter 4- The brother of Jared commanded to write — Moroni's solemn admonition — Cursed is he who contends against the word of the Lord — Whatsoever persuades men to do good is of God.
  • Ether:Chapter 5- Moroni to the future translator of his writings.
  • Ether:Chapter 6- The story of the Jaredites continued — Their vessels lighted by miracle — Through the depths of the sea to the promised land — The people desire a king — Their leaders foresee evil but yield to the popular will — Death of Jared and his brother.
  • Ether:Chapter 7- Orihah's righteous reign, followed by rebellion, usurpation and strife — The rival kingdoms of Shule and Cohor — Wickedness and idolatry — Prophets appear and the people repent.
  • Ether:Chapter 8- The good king Omer — His son Jared conspires with Akish to obtain the crown — Strife and bloodshed — Secret and murderous combinations — Modern Gentiles warned against such.
  • Ether:Chapter 9- Omer loses and regains his crown — Emer's prosperous reign — Cureloms and cumoms, animals of that period — Sundry kings — Famine and poisonous serpents.
  • Ether:Chapter 10- Riplakish the wrong-doer — Morianton the reformer — Other monarchs and their wars — The land southward a wilderness — The land northward inhabited.
  • Ether:Chapter 11- Jaredite prophets predict utter destruction of their people except they repent — The warning unheeded.
  • Ether:Chapter 12- The prophet Ether and king Coriantumr — The Jaredite and Nephite languages — God gives weaknesses that men may be humble — Moroni's farewell to the Gentiles.
  • Ether:Chapter 13- Moroni continues the Jaredite history — Ether and his predictions — His life sought — He dwells in the cavity of a rock — Views by night the destruction falling upon his people.
  • Ether:Chapter 14- A curse upon the land — Continued strife and bloodshed — Coriantumr not to fall by the sword.
  • Ether:Chapter 15- The hill Ramah or Cumorah — Preparations for a mighty struggle — Millions go down to death — Shiz slain by Coriantumr — Ether's concluding words — End of Jaredite record.